Maximum firepower with this combo of new ship and weapon!

Are you looking for a blizzard of bullets? Today’s update of In Space We Brawl is made exactly to satisfy your needs! 


When your regular ships are not enough, you build better ones! That’s the mindset that brought us the Mectron, a vessel specifically built with space-dog fights in mind. 
With 2 extra turrets that are targeting the closest object, the Mectron can do a great amount of damage in one-on-one fights, and also keep that extra alien enemy at bay. 

It’s not very fast, and mounts a relatively standard armor, but we already know that you can’t get everything in the same package! 


This is the perfect weapon if you want to focus on your driving. It’s made by two hovering turrets that are shooting regular bullets in one of the three possible directions: behind you, in front of your ship, or from your sides like a galleon. 

Just drive, keep your fire button pressed and speed through the battlefield! 

For maximum results combine the Tetha Warhead with the Mectron: 5 pieces of ordnance in one deadly combination!

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New ship and new weapon to celebrate Steam Sales!

Today we have not one, but two additions for In Space We Brawl, to celebrate Steam Sales!



We are updating In Space We Brawl with two brand new items that will spice up your galactic brawling: the super fast Gloster and the deadly Alfa Geiser, let’s check them out!


So, you think you’re a good pilot right? Do you want to take it to the next level? Great, we have just the right ship for you. The Gloster is the fastest vessel in the whole universe, but there’s a catch: it is also the one with the lowest armour value! You’ll need to dash around the battlefield trying to be like an annoying fly, thanks also to the fact that the Gloster is immune to asteroid damage. The best way to stop a Gloster then? An AOE weapon like our Duster, for example, that doesn’t need to be too precise!

Alfa Geiser

From the engineers behind the glorious Magnus Deployer comes the Alfa Geiser, a weapon that allows the pilot to control portion of space setting up a perimeter of small and deadly turrets. These turrets are similar to the ones you’ll find in Nebula Chimerea, but smaller and with limited ammunitions. They’ll fire upon pretty much everything that enters their range, preferring actual players over debris and aliens. A good way to counteract this weapon is to use long range weapons, try to snipe their master with the Mass Driver for example!

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In Space We Brawl says hello to mouse and keyboard on PC and Mac!

Space Cadets we have great news for you today!

Many of you playing on PC and Mac asked for mouse and keyboard support. We are listening to our players and we are happy to announce that now you can play In Space We Brawl on Steam and Playism using also this input method.

How does it works?

First of all take a look at the controls, you’re using WASD keys to guide your spaceship while aiming with the mouse.


If you don’t have a controller connected to you PC or Mac, mouse and keyboard will be assigned to Player 1. This is true if you have up to 3 controllers connected.

If you connect a fourth pad, everybody will play with controllers, but the keyboard will stay active just in case. Maybe you have a fifth player and you’re willing to let him drive!

Now, let us know if you’re liking the new controls. Come say hi over on our Steam community and give us your precious feedback!

Become more lethal thanks to new weapons and spaceships!

In Space We Brawl is on Steam featuring two new ships and three new weapons!


Let’s start with the new ships that you’ll drive in the perilous depths of space: Monarch and Omnilith. The Monarch has a special meaning for us, we’ve created it after winning the 2015 Premio Drago d’Oro award for In Space We Brawl’s game design, something that we’re really proud of.

The other new ship is perfect for the more experienced players that are looking for something to own the battlefield and show off their skill. The Omnilith has great energy and armour, you can think of it like a super-Monolith, but there’s a catch: it looses life at a steady pace, forcing the player to hunt for power-ups in order to remain alive in the arena.


Now on to the new weapons, starting with a real game changer, the Magnus Deployer! We’re talking about a mine-launcher that will transform the battlefield in a proper minefield, allowing you to model the space around you and forcing your enemies away from your zone. Once deployed, the mines will hunt down enemies in proximity, make ‘em run!

What you get if you mix Cruiser and Stinger Swarm? You get a Delta Javelin of course! This is a weapon that once fired gives you a choice: you guide the missile to your target or making it explode, spawning small but deadly homing rockets.

The last weapon that we’re presenting today is the Harmonic Rifle, something completely new for In Space We Brawl. The Harmonic Rifle can burst out waves of sonic energy and distort the space around you, also pushing away small objects or projectiles. The audio-waves aren’t stopped by hitting something, and will travel further making this the perfect weapon to use against large numbers of foes.