Your Handbook to Playing Space War Slots

Space wars is another fantastic slot online slot game which was brought in by NetEnt. Space Wars is a video slot which has some of the best pay line and the main slot which will allow you to understand the space war games quite differently.

The general description

general description

This is a game that has some of the best visuals where all the symbols are represented to have a funny alien face. There are also many symbols that represent funny aliens. They are some of the best to keep track of especially when they are about the alines. The right side of the screen is a cloning chamber which will allow one to get cloned to bring up some of their funny features.

Bonus features

There are no bonus games, but you can win by spinning a few free spins. If you spin a winning combo, you can easily form a winning line that can be taken into the chamber. There is a next spin which can become a free re-spin. There are many winning possibilities that will get you the right winning placing the large aliens.

A fun game to play

Space wars is a game that is quick and enjoyable to many. It is one of the best video slots out there. It is just amazing to find the right game, and you can also enjoy this game for free. There is also an opportunity that you can play the game without the need for any downloads.

Graphics and sound

The layout and design of the game are quite unique. The players are generally provided with some of the best icons. These icons are of aliens which can be categorized with the size of their heads. There are one-eyed, purple-eyed, and other creatures that look like cartoons. These creatures are small and have snail eyes and others with prominent lips.

Betting rules

When the betting line is formed, it can be transferred to a cloning pod. You can easily see the right side of your screen and clone your symbols. They ca form more and more winning bets on the reels. The players are some who are willing to get the right and winning combination. The table shows that the coins have won some of the best combinations which will allow you to win the right games.


Space wars are some of the most confusing games which can allow you to lay the table. Let us tell you that you have the right button which can allow you to get to the bottom of the screen. The players need to understand that the highest winnings which can get you the betting line. There are many famous slots which can be changed in the settings.

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