In Space We Brawl says hello to mouse and keyboard on PC and Mac!

Space Cadets we have great news for you today!

Many of you playing on PC and Mac asked for mouse and keyboard support. We are listening to our players and we are happy to announce that now you can play In Space We Brawl on Steam and Playism using also this input method.

How does it works?

First of all take a look at the controls, you’re using WASD keys to guide your spaceship while aiming with the mouse.


If you don’t have a controller connected to you PC or Mac, mouse and keyboard will be assigned to Player 1. This is true if you have up to 3 controllers connected.

If you connect a fourth pad, everybody will play with controllers, but the keyboard will stay active just in case. Maybe you have a fifth player and you’re willing to let him drive!

Now, let us know if you’re liking the new controls. Come say hi over on our Steam community and give us your precious feedback!

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