Maximum firepower with this combo of new ship and weapon!

Are you looking for a blizzard of bullets? Today’s update of In Space We Brawl is made exactly to satisfy your needs! 


When your regular ships are not enough, you build better ones! That’s the mindset that brought us the Mectron, a vessel specifically built with space-dog fights in mind. 
With 2 extra turrets that are targeting the closest object, the Mectron can do a great amount of damage in one-on-one fights, and also keep that extra alien enemy at bay. 

It’s not very fast, and mounts a relatively standard armor, but we already know that you can’t get everything in the same package! 


This is the perfect weapon if you want to focus on your driving. It’s made by two hovering turrets that are shooting regular bullets in one of the three possible directions: behind you, in front of your ship, or from your sides like a galleon. 

Just drive, keep your fire button pressed and speed through the battlefield! 

For maximum results combine the Tetha Warhead with the Mectron: 5 pieces of ordnance in one deadly combination!

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