New ship and new weapon to celebrate Steam Sales!

Today we have not one, but two additions for In Space We Brawl, to celebrate Steam Sales!



We are updating In Space We Brawl with two brand new items that will spice up your galactic brawling: the super fast Gloster and the deadly Alfa Geiser, let’s check them out!


So, you think you’re a good pilot right? Do you want to take it to the next level? Great, we have just the right ship for you. The Gloster is the fastest vessel in the whole universe, but there’s a catch: it is also the one with the lowest armour value! You’ll need to dash around the battlefield trying to be like an annoying fly, thanks also to the fact that the Gloster is immune to asteroid damage. The best way to stop a Gloster then? An AOE weapon like our Duster, for example, that doesn’t need to be too precise!

Alfa Geiser

From the engineers behind the glorious Magnus Deployer comes the Alfa Geiser, a weapon that allows the pilot to control portion of space setting up a perimeter of small and deadly turrets. These turrets are similar to the ones you’ll find in Nebula Chimerea, but smaller and with limited ammunitions. They’ll fire upon pretty much everything that enters their range, preferring actual players over debris and aliens. A good way to counteract this weapon is to use long range weapons, try to snipe their master with the Mass Driver for example!

Are you ready to brawl? In Space We Brawl is 50% off on Steam!

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