In Space We Brawl is available at a new price point, get it for $8.99, €8.99 or £7.39


Today we have great news for everyone that is still waiting to join the galactic brawling!


We’ve gathered you to announce a new price point for In Space We Brawl, right now available on PlayStation Store for $8.99, €8.99 or £7.39 depending on your region.

That’s definitely your chance if you where still wondering about throwing yourself into space fights!

Here are the links:

In Space We Brawl on US PS Store

In Space We Brawl on EU PS Store

In Space We Brawl on UK PS Store

Happy brawling!

Patch 1.02 is live on PS3 and almost here on PS4, get ready to fight our BOTS!

We are excited to announce that In Space We Brawl is updating to version 1.02, let’s find out together what’s new.


First things first, Patch 1.02 is live on PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe, and will reach your PS4s in the next 24/36 hours in North America, and in Europe within the end of the week.

Now, let’s dive in the interesting part, the patch notes!

  • AI controlled BOTS are now available
  • New Gladiator mode
  • New gameplay options
  • Minor fixes

As you can see, our galactic artificial intelligence is now able to guide deadly bots around the battlefield. You’ll be able to choose from four different skill levels, and test yourself in preparation for your next tournaments.

The other main feature of this update is obviously the new Gladiator mode, in which you set a defined number of lives (and/or a time limit) and fight until you reach it thanks to the newly added respawn system.


Lastly we have expanded the options to let you tailor the experience on your preferences. We’ve added a new menu with all the options that you see in the image below.


For more infos keep an eye on our wiki!

If you want to keep in touch with us, follow In Space We Brawl on Twitter, and join the discussion over on Facebook.

Patch 1.01 is live in the US and closing in on other territories, let’s find out what’s new!

A full month is passed from the release of In Space We Brawl on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and today we can talk about our first patch!

Patch 1.01 is already available in North America, and will soon reach other territories.

Patch notes:

New power-ups

  • Summon: summon 3 alien ships that will fight for you
  • Total Refill: grants 80 units of energy and life

Minor gameplay tweaks
Photon Flux is now working properly

As you can see from the patch notes above we have two new power-ups, let’s find out more!

summon spiegazione


This power-up lets you summon 3 alien ships that will fight and gather other power-ups for you. Every kill that they’ll manage to achieve will be counted as yours, as long as you’re alive of course! Upon your destruction, your little allies will continue fighting on their own, but their actions won’t count for your total score.

total refill spiegazione


The regular refill power-ups are still in the game and will, as always, replenish your energy or your life by 40 units. This Total Refill will instead give you a huge boost booth in energy and life, replenishing your resources with 8o units. You’ll have to be aware of it though, because the damage done upon destruction is also doubled!

Enjoy the update and get ready for more, we are working on bots and other game modes!

#SpaceshipTuesday – Nargoon

Last episode of our in-depth analysis, meet the Nargoon!

For our grand finale we kept a treat for you!

The Nargoon is the only biological spacecraft of the game, a feature that makes it quite unique.


You’ll be able to recover your life points over time, but be aware that the recovery is not as fast as you might want it to be.


You’ll need to stay away from intense fights because of your low life and energy, and sneak in just to secure the kill.



Here’s a short video with our Nargoon recovering over time.