Space Wars Slot Reviews

If you like to play a game with zany characters and a downright wacky underlying theme, then you will love NetEnt’s ‘Space Wars’. You will be pushed into the battle for taking control of the galaxy. You will see five different extra-terrestrial species fighting for the possession of a powerful crystal. For the entire duration of the game, you will be in your spaceship. NetEnt has also incorporated a piece of music which builds and builds, providing you with action without you spinning the reels.

The layout of this game might come as a familiar interface. It provides you with five separate reels. There is also a total of four rows added alongside this, and this layout plays host to the various icons, most of which are represented by the five different alien nations. You will see that these come in two different variations of as well, with a fully grown alien and a baby version of it being added to the game.

NetEnt have also added 40 separate pay lines into the game. You can comfortably adjust the amount of the bet you play per spin. It starts with changing the value of a single coin. This offers you a range between €0.01 and €0.50 per line, while the game’s bet level can be modified between one and ten. If you decide to push all of these to their maximum level, you will be placing an overall wager of €200 per spin on the game. You can also reach this level quickly by using the ‘Max Bet’ button.

‘Max Bet’ button

While there aren’t a massive amount of specialities added to this game, the available couple provides enormous benefits. The first of these benefits is seen from the moment you begin designing winning combinations. This is known as its ‘Re-Spin’ feature. Whenever you form a winning combination, you will see that the aliens included in it are transported off the screen and into the canister at the right-hand side of the reels. Here, they are stacked up and then warped out of it and blasted into outer space.

Space Wars is, without a doubt, one of our favourite NetEnt games, and we will tell you why. It is a wonderfully designed game with amazing graphics and animations. Not only that, but it also has the whole canister action war on the right-hand side of the reels. Moreover, the re-spin feature and stacked wild icons is definitely a plus point.


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