Mega Moolah Slot – Rules, Tips, How to Play

In online casinos, you have access to a huge variety of games and many of them are exclusive, meant only for the online crowd. The space for popularity is scarce and only the best makes the summit of the mountain. Mega Moolah is a name that pops most of the time you search on the internet. The game is highly entertaining and interactive. As of now, it’s one of the most popular games that you will not afford to miss if you are a fan of gambling and slots at the same time.

Mega Moolah:

Leaving for later the technicalities of the graphics and features, the slot uses five-reels and the twenty-five paylines in the game. The game is good to go on any device whether that be an android browser or an Apple. As of now, the UK seems to be a haven for Mega Moolah, but due to the growing popularity, the slot has made considerable space in other countries too.

The striking difference that you will notice in Mega Moolah and the other options that you will get on the internet is the ease of understating the rules of the game and its smooth flow. In addition to that, the final price keeps getting bigger as every time you place your wager, a fraction of it gets added to the jackpot. Besides that, there are symbols that you will be needed to look out for. For instance, the Wild Multiplier Symbol can double your payment and complete any winning combination. Monkey symbol can appear anywhere, or be scattered, and activate a free spin. There is a feature of the autoplay where you have to select the coin, payline, time, and sit back and let the slot spin it for you. The free spin will render the jackpot on hold and once you’re done with the free spins, the regular gaming session will follow.


In gambling, there are no tips or strategies, but expert advice and suggestion. In the case of Mega Moolah, the issue of sensible gaming is something that you can’t ignore. The game has been designed in such a way that it’s bereft of any bias which entails that you will have to approach the game with caution and cease the notion of superstition. The jackpot can be triggered even on the first spin or after a hundred spins. However, you can take full advantage of the free spins where you get the chance to maximize the profits, and also use the money wisely. The more you stay in the game, the better your chances are at the game.


Every game has standards and rules that the player is required to follow and they must be known to the gambler in advance. The slot offers you an option of choosing 25-paylines, the lion symbol for the completion of any combination, the scatter symbols scattered all over, you can make a bet up to $6.25, and to add to the benefit of playing, you will be paid the whole amount in lump sum basis just in case you won.


The slot uses the theme of typical Africa and within the seconds of stepping in the slot, you’re transported to the serenity of the theme. Irrespective of the device you’re using, the gaming experience is fun, the payouts are faster and security is up to the mark.

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