Slots can’t be imagined without the themes and stories. These are the perks of the modern gaming where the player is made part of the story and as the narration progresses, so does the player in his vision. Spade games are one of the options that provide the gambler an experience that isn’t just out of this world, but something to boast about. The realistic graphics and the high-end programming ensure the satisfaction of the player.


There is a lot of world that lies beyond the cosmos and aliens are part of it, at least that’s what we have been informed. The slot uses the same theme and manifests it in its gaming sessions. Developed by BetSoft, Arrival uses better use of the characters that create an impression of the alien world and a robotic army to make the effects stronger. The inclusion of space ship, the alien fighters and a brave team of defenders will be something that can be wagered for.


Developed by one of the most popular software providers on the internet, NetEnt, Starburst is a slot that you will not want to miss. With an interactive theme, better graphics, and great sound quality, the slots make the best use of technology and integrate all the features and marvels of modern technology into an experience that is worthy of remembering. In addition to that, there are bonuses to trigger in the game, which has a five-reel and 40-paylines. The animating graphics are features that will send anybody’s head spinning for a while.

Space Robbers:

Space Robbers is a slot filled with entertainment. Though it’s been around, but the reputation that it has gained in all these years is something that can’t be replaced. The games are fun, the time passes by and you get to make a money shot. There are races in the game, bonuses, a meter that gives out three bonuses, travel the asteroids, and collect from the enemy spaceships. In terms of animation, the game is second to none where the programmers had made sure of the artistic feature of the game. There is a character on the screen and if you are delayed in your playing, he will play the Banjo. In short, it’s the best option that one could get and with a history of popularity, we can bet that it will be good in everyone’s perception.

Battlestar Galactica:

With a unique theme Galactica uses the theme of ’70s, a sci-fi thought, that creates a veneer of space and time, introduces the player to an atmosphere of outer space as the story develops. The game is based on a TV show where the characters are supposed to resemble the actors and when you identify one, don’t be surprised. It has five-reels and various scatter and wild symbols that appear across the game. Besides that, there is also a jackpot to aim for.


Themes attract the crowd and entice them to come against. This is the main reason why slots come a lot with new and updated versions of the game.

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